OCTUR | Club Schilli, Ulm

OCTUR | Club Schilli, Ulm

Sa | 15. Jun 2024 - So | 16. Jun 2024 21:30 - 04:00 Uhr

Over a year has passed since the premiere of the Octur event series. On June 15, Octur celebrates its long-awaited comeback, this time at the legendary Club Schilli. Artists from Ulm, Stuttgart and Budapest will join forces and play on the familiar ASG sound system from the first event exclusively with vinyl records. This unique night is dominated by driving techno, played with records that are often older than the average audience. With overlapping playtimes, the sets merge seamlessly into each other and revieve the magic of the first edition.

Lineup A-Z

AGA2L (Budapest)
Founder of BRVTAL Budapest
Resident @Aether Club

Founder of Octur
Resident @Gleis44

Resident @Gleis44

TOWNES (Stuttgart)
Resident @Fridas Pier

No place for racism, LGBTQ+ hostility, sexism and other types of discrimination!! All violations will lead to exclusion from the event.